Eco  you – Ukrainian brand, which embodies an ecological alternative to plastic and paper tubes, which does not harm or clog the environment. Each tube is unique and not similar to each other. In our production we used a new technology for processing and disinfection. At the final stage of manufacture there is a multistage check of quality, conformity of TU and sanitary norms.

Our tubes can be used for non-alcoholic, alcoholic, cold and hot drinks. When using our straws for coffee or tea, the effect on tooth enamel color is significantly reduced. They are odorless, tasteless and do not become deformed by moisture and high temperatures, even during prolonged use.

Eco-tubes differ from plastic tubes, which have a negative impact on the human body. The raw material from which the tubes are produced is completely decomposing.

The production of compost and fertilizer from used tubes is not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial for plant growth.

Conscious use of materials that do not pollute the environment is the key to the harmonious existence of humanity in the ecosystem of our planet.

Cultivation and implementation of these principles is

the ideological basis of the brand Eco  you.

Straws are made of organic, environmentally friendly cane. Each straw passes through a multi-stage
process of treatment and disinfection. After that, the product is checked for quality and packed.
All products are certified.

We recommend using cane straws for thick and liquid drinks – fresh juice, smoothies, cocktails, water or coffee. Straws are perfect for those who have high sensitivity teeth and for whom contact with cold drinks is undesirable. Our straws have no smell or taste.

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws – cane straws. They are perfect for the morning smoothies, coffee or water, as well as become indispensable at home, especially when you
planning a party

Straws do not scatter or deform even after long-term use. You can reuse them.

Unlike plastic, which can contain dangerous substances (as
Bisphenol A), cane – absolutely safe to use as it does not contain harmful impurities, and it has a positive effect on the environment because of natural origin.Straws do not contain plastic wrap,
as in other disposable items, so they can apply to hot drinks.

It also makes it possible to safely dispose of used ones straws, compost them with other organic ones residues, creating fertilizers.


Length 14 сm
Diameter 4-7 mm 0,2 €
Diameter 7-10 mm 0,2 €
Length 18 сm
Diameter 4-7 mm 0,2 €
Diameter 7-10 mm 0,2 €
Length 20 сm
Diameter 4-7 mm 0,2 €
Diameter 7-10 mm 0,2 €
Diameter 12-20 mm 0,2 €